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the prime package

10.99 per person

Choice of Two Meats & Two Sides

THE blackwood PACKAGE


Choice of Three Meats & three Sides

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15 Guest Minimum
Includes complimentary slider buns, BBQ SAUCE, compostable plates, Serving Utensils, and Cutlery Kits (Knife, Fork, Napkin, Wetnap).

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Select Beef Brisket, Ribs, Or Jackfruit / add 1.99 per guest
Add Cornbread for .99 per guest
Add A baker miller Pie for 24.99



the sandwich package

Your choice of 10 sandwiches + 2 family style sides

pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwiches 109.99
beef brisket or vegan jackfruit sandwiches 129.99

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includes pickles, cutlery, napkins, plates & serving utensils.
one meat selection per box.
add lemonade or sweet tea for 11.99.


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